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To book a Wandering Cloud guided tour in Cumbria, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Find your group.  This might be your family, a group of friends or an organised group such as the WI, National Trust or U3A.
  2. Decide whether you have one day available or are 'making a trip of it' and staying for longer.
  3. Choose which tour(s) you would like to go on.  If you've done them all or want something specific, send me an email.
  4. Email me to let me know the dates you would like to do this tour.  It helps if you can give a range of dates.  If you don't like using email, feel free to phone me - preferably in the evening as I am often out 'on location' during the day.

What happens next?

  1. I will email you (or call if you prefer) to discuss your dates.
  2. If you need advice and help with accommodation I will provide that.
  3. If a minibus needs to be booked I will do that.  You can of course provide your own coach or minibus if you are travelling to Cumbria in one.
  4. I will inform you of the cost of the tour.  This depends on the number of people in the group and the places you wish to visit. If you have a full 50-seater coach, it will be no more than £7 per person.  If there are just 6 of you in your own vehicle wishing to visit some private houses, it is likely to be around £50 per person.
  5. A deposit is received and confirmation of your booking is made.

The Day Arrives!  What happens now?

  1. I meet you at our pre-arranged location (possibly with transport).
  2. We have a great day out!  
  3. All your group think you're marvellous for organising such a wonderful trip - and you get the task of doing it again....
  4. You have the choice of either paying on the day or being invoiced.
  5. You sign up to my newsletter to help you plan your next adventure!

So finally.... Why should you book a tour with me?

  1. It's just me - and a few carefully chosen Blue Badge Guide colleagues.  This means that you always get to speak to the person who has designed the tour and will (in most cases) deliver the tour.  
  2. Low overheads and no office full of staff keeps the cost down for you - without compromising on the quality of your experience.
  3. I can be flexible and adapt to the needs of your group - both in planning the tour and on the day if circumstances change.
  4. I know all the best places to go!  And can get access to private homes and gardens which you will not be able to visit on your own.
  5. You have the confidence of knowing that you are booking a Blue Badge Guide who is fully qualified, registered with the Institute of Tourist Guiding and is insured to deliver tours through the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides


They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude

William Wordsworth ยป